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Cva mountain rifle flintlock

By | 20.07.2020

Remember Me? New CVA 45 Cal. Mountain Rifle. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Mountain Rifle for quite some time. I knew that they were rare, but I kept looking. Found a kit, new in box today. Jumped on it like a doggie and his bone. Will keep everyone on the building process with pictures.

If it says made in Spain it most likely is not. There great guns. I have a. Great rifles. I managed to pick up a CVA Mountain rifle a while back in 58 calibre from a guy who had lived in Africa and hunted with it he had also taken it to the States competition shooting.

Have a question and hope someone can offer a solution. It shoots beautifully with gr Goex 2F, prb, and ticking. One ragged hole stuff at 50mts. My issue is and I hope Fly will chime in, is it throws inch groups with home made Black powder at the same distance. I have been making my own Powder for a few years now as Commercial powder is hard to find and we have shipping restrictions on it. My homemade shoots well in my other flintlock and cap lock rifles but not this one, they are 50cal, any suggestions??

One other thing while I think of itis Potassium Nitrate restricted in the U.

Making a Good Kit Muzzleloader Better with Some Custom Gunsmithing

I see guys buy stump remover and the like to make their powder. It works out I can make 28kg of powder for the same price as a pound of Goex ,I try not to use too much of the Goex!!

Originally Posted by Fly.Order by:. Available to:. This patch is very well made fully embroidered with a merrowed edging. It is clean and appears to be unused and or never attached to something in any way.

For being as old as it is. This patch is still in remarkable condition. As a point of interest. This same patch was obviously modeled after that same patch found being worn by William Holden on the movie Bridges at Toko-Ri.

In that same film, all that live action filming for the movie was taken aboard the Oriskany. That USS Oriskany patch, although only partially visible in the example not part of this auction seen directly below on Mr.

Holden's upper right sleeve. Here is Mr. Willaim Holden wearing this same jacket but in this case That movie version of USS Oriskany patch is visible. This same photograph seen above can be found in the USS Oriskany cruise book and not included with this auction.

So don't miss out on what has taken me many years of collecting to accumulate! Those other items I'm currently listing can be seen here! Ramrod accessories kit. Very handy Ramrod accessory kit for. Also you see a 2 piece breech brush set. All items are from CVA. Thanks for looking and please check out my other items.

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Pedersoli Classic Side-by-Side Black Powder Shotgun

Chat Now. The Mountain Rifle was the rifle of choice for the fearless men who first explored the American West. The Mountain Hunter Rifle features a 32" blued barrel with a 1 in 48" twist.

The stock is made of UltraGrain finish hardwood and is trimmed with blued hardware. For more information go to - www.

Was the information on this page helpful? Yes No. Do you accept our terms and conditions? Need More Information? Update Your Browser Now! Own this product? Product Reviews are not compatible with your browser.Barrel liners: muzzle loading rifle bore liners 3. Muzzle loading pistol barrels 3. Muzzle loading rifle barrels, by Green Mountain Muzzle loading rifle barrels, by Rice Barrel Company Muzzle loading rifle barrels, straight octagon Muzzle loading rifle barrels: swamped octagon Muzzle loading rifle barrels: tapered octagon 4.

Muzzle loading smoothbore barrels for: fowlers, fusils, and trade guns Flint style, straight tang breech plugs 9. Percussion, hooked, English bar lock style breech plugs 4.

English fowling gun buttplates 3.

cva mountain rifle flintlock

Jaeger, Germanic hunting rifle buttplates 2. Late, slim, curved American longrifle buttplates Maryland longrifle buttplates: John Armstrong 3. Military musket buttplates: Brown Bess Muskets, Charleville 2. North West Trade Guns buttplate 4. Pennsylvania, Bedford County longrifle buttplates 3. Pennsylvania, Bucks County longrifle buttplates: Andrew Verner 2. Pennsylvania, Christians' Spring transitional rifle: Edward Marshall 2.

Pennsylvania, Lancaster County longrifle buttplates Pennsylvania, Lancaster County longrifle buttplates: Jacob Dickert Beck Pennsylvania, Snyder County longrifle buttplates: Joseph Long 2. Pennsylvania, York County longrifle buttplates Leman Flash Guards, for flint locks Inlays: scrolls, escutcheons, shields Inlays: stars, moons, diamonds Chisels for inletting, by Solingen Chisels for inletting, forged in the U. Wire inlay, fine silver 1. Tacks Locks: Flint, for pistols 5. Locks: Flint, for muskets USA — - Ammoland.

Besides being a better pistol shot than I will ever be, he is a master craftsman. One day in particular this past spring we got to talking about muzzleloaders.

He told me about a kit-gun that he bought and modified several years ago. He had my attention. He decided to buy that particular kit due to its far better than normal quality, hard, figured maple stock. Life is too short to work with poor quality wood. Some thought was given to what could be done before work was started. It was decided that the kit could be modified to reasonably represent a Golden Age late flintlock era Virginia full stock rifle that had gone west in the early mountain man fur trade era.

As such, a rifle of that initial pedigree might have been modified in St. Louis to better suit it for service on horseback. Thus, it would need a new percussion lock, a shortened barrel, and suitable replacement parts such as a nose cap and under rib to make it more robust as a half stock rifle.

Step one was to throw away the Spanish made lock. The same was done to the nose cap, under rib, thimbles, wedges, under lugs, wedge plates, triggers, ramrod and sights. New parts made from scratch were a lock that would fit to the wood recess with just enough larger size on the lockplate to assure a clean, tight interface of the lockplate-to-wood inlet, an under rib, new thimbles, under lugs, barrel retention pins, a nose cap, a toe plate, a ramrod, a trigger, trigger plate and new sights.

Best-matching hard maple was used to fill the four wedge escutcheon inlets so that pins could be used instead of wedges giving a look at first glance of the earlier flintlock architecture rather than what double wedges would have provided.

The CVA-routed ramrod channel in the forestock was filled with a block of maple and a new ramrod hole was drilled in the forestock for the ramrod which is larger than the one provided in the kit.

That assured a stiffer, more durable forend for the stock. Matching maple was used to fill the hugely oversized lock inlet of the kit so the new lock could be properly inlet to conform to the shape of the internal lock parts. A block of maple was fitted and epoxied into the trigger inlet area adding strength in that part of the stock. The bow and front portion of the CVA trigger guard was retained and a new rear portion was fabricated and welded to the retained trigger guard portion.

Major filing reshaped the trigger guard putting flats on the bow of it. The CVA iron buttplate was given filed flats and a wedding ring decoration at the front of the heel extension aka flintlock era decoration. The new iron thimbles also were given a raised ring appearance at each end as well as flats on each one.

An iron toe plate was made.Ongoing from lodge to lodge to visit his comrades, he takes it with him. His rifle is his constant friend and protector. That rifle the mountain man was never without? It was always a Hawken, right?

The Mountain Man’s Rifle

Accept no substitutes…. The Hawken was a fine rifle, and make no mistake. But Jake and Sam Hawken were only one of the many makers of rifles in the early 19 th Century, and their small St. Louis shop could only supply so many rifles in a given year. A fine rifle, but not a whole lot different from similar rifles of the period. The Hawken was a beefy piece, weighing in at about 10 pounds.

Kentucky Rifle. For years it was assumed that the Corps of Discovery Rifle was the Harpers Ferry, a half-stock military rifle.

Experts are now pretty certain it was the Contract Rifle. See a detailed article here. The French-Shawnee George Drouillard, who served as hunter, scout and interpreter for the Corps of Discovery, seems to have carried his own civilian Kaintuck — but he was a civilian contractor, not an enlisted soldier as were most of the Corps of Discovery men.

The J. Henry Leman built a classic plains rifle, and Henry Deringer of pocket pistol fame also built sturdy rifles for the Fur Trade. The flintlock ignition system remained the dominant one for the period, with percussion rifles only making it on the scene in the late s.

The Mountain Men were not quick to adopt the new-fangled percussion lock, despite its superior reliability. They were used to their flinters and stuck with them until civilization had advanced far enough to provide a reliable source of percussion caps.

Leman Rifle by TVM. They would persist well into the era of the cartridge rifle. There were also plenty of smoothbore military surplus muskets banging around. The long guns could readily be cut down to a length that could be easily handled horseback or in a canoe.

A cut-down trade gun was an excellent choice for running buffalo on horseback. The smoothbore is essentially a shotgun. At close range, a charge of buck and ball — one large ball packed together with a handful of smaller shot — was devastating. Rifles and smoothbores mixed among the Mountain Men of Glorious stuff. I used to be heavy into trad. Great post! I thought you told Keith West not to expect daily updates after Thanksgiving?

Well, there are certainly worse ones. Makes it all the more satisfying. Superb post Jim! Although leverguns are still my favorite, there is a simple charm to these oldies.

They got the job done and served those early frontiersmen well. They may not have been the fastest shooting, most powerful or prettiest, but darn did they work and got the job done.With Nitride barrel, Black stocks, and Scope Mount. With Nitride barrel, Camo stocks, and Scope Mount.

It also features an integral nipple designed for use with traditional Musket Cap primers, and the face of the plug is funnel shaped for more reliable ignition with loose propellants. Plus, a firing pin sized specifically for musket caps and a stronger firing pin spring provide fast and reliable ignition of the propellant charge. For this reason, we strongly recommend using RWS musket caps with these guns.

cva mountain rifle flintlock

With Blued barrel, Black stocks, Scope and Case. With Nitride barrel, Camo stocks, Scope and Case. Still lightweight and easy to maneuver, perfect for the shooter who just wants a quick-handling gun for brush hunting.

Clear see-through design that can be used as a bullet starter, powder measure, palm saver or two compartment pre-loader. Everything you need to get started muzzleloading. Includes items needed to shoot, load, maintain, and use your muzzleloader. Kit is compatible with any brand. The only other thing you will need is powder and a muzzleloader!

Wire cleaning brush to loosen the toughest fouling. Flexibility to bend without breaking. Three foot length for you to custom fit. The top five items from the Barrel Blaster System together in one kit. The perfect answer for easy cleaning of your muzzleloader. Absolutely the easiest way to clean your muzzleloader!

cva mountain rifle flintlock

Spray the foam into the barrel and leave in the barrel for a minimum of one hour, then swab foam out of the barrel and you are done!

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